Gregory Young

Golden Time Capsules update

the verdict is in and all is revealed I opened my email-box last night to found the guys at Wellington Photographic Supplies had processed the films and given me the dropbox link to download them. As expected time had taken its toll on most of the images. These are the best of what came back. …

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Golden Time Capsules

life’s little gems from the past You never know what lays hidden away in the old camera bag! Well, not my camera bag in this case. While packing things away preparing to move, I found these 40+-year-old rolls of Kodak film in my late father’s camera bag. The thing that got me most excited with …

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Pirates on the Murray River

Ahoy, ye matey’s Shiver me timbers, I’ve just had my first awesome experience with a bunch of snarly, some ragged, and some quite dapper pirates. The adventure started with all but two of the riff-raff leaving from Wellington Airport and then