Blue Mountain Truck

Blue Mountain Truck

Title: “Blue Mountain Truck” — Usage and Licensing Rights

About ten months ago I downloaded Trey Ratcliffs “Stuck on Earth” App. It’s an app that uses Google maps and has images geo stamped from places all over the world. It’s a great resource for discovering places of interest without having to waste time and money on transport or fuel costs. There has been many a time when I have jumped in the car and driven aimlessly hoping to stumble upon something that grabs me enough to want to stop and explore it or shot it. The app is ideal for photographers and travelers alike.

Well I was itching to find something new to photograph. I felt rather uninspired as I though I had seen and photographed pretty much everything of interest in my region. When I say my region, I’m talking about a 15 – 20km radius from were I live.

So I sat down and did a Stuck on Earth search and found a place on Blue Mountain Road were an old truck was wasting away. I didn’t know if the truck was still there but I was keen to find out. I grabed the location from the map, programmed it into the the Navman and off I went.

I will tell you know, I am a sucker for anything that’s old and run down. I just love the way they ooze character and evoke questions of mystic about their past.

Fortunately it was still sitting there and this is the shot got.