Breast Cancer Cansurvive Calendar Girls

Cansurvive Dragon Boat Calendar

In April of this year I was asked to do a calendar shoot for the Cansurvive Dragon Boat Team for their fundraiser. The brief was poses “Calendar Girls” style, using dragon boat props. All the members of this team are woman that have had breast cancer and they had two very plausible reasons for producing this calendar.

First and foremost they wanted to get the message out there to all woman that have been through the physical and mental scaring of breast cancer, or may someday have to face the numbing news that they have breast cancer — no matter what the treatment, they are still amazingly beautiful woman, and like them, you can live life to the full. The second reason was to raise the all important funds to keep them dragon boating.

Why is Dragon Boating so important to these ladies?

Sports medicine physician Dr Don Mckenzie had proven that exercise of the upper body in a continuous programme plays a key factor in recovery post surgery for breast cancer patients and reduces the chances of lymphoma (fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by the lymphatic system) and dragon boating offers the ideal sport to meet Dr Mckenzie’s programme.

I’m please to say on Monday I went into the printers to proof the first runoff from the press. Very exciting it was. The release of the calendar is set to co-inside with breast cancer awareness month. If you would like to show your support, you can purchase your copy on my website by going to the Cansurvive Calendar page or emailing Iona Elwoodsmith