Fairlight Station

This quaint little railway station is in Fairlight just 11.5 Km out of Kingston on the South Island of New Zealand. The Fairlight Railway Station is dwarfed by this grand and steep rocky backdrop. [scd_social_share]

Floral Gallery

I’ve just added a new series collection called “Floral” to the gallery. This series is mainly of macro studies. You can view them here.

Graveyard shift

Believe in Ghosts? This all stems from a visit to this cemetery a couple of years back. I’ve had these images etched in my head ever since that visit. Shot this last Sunday.    

Roadside Shed

  On my way back home from Whitemans Valley I was driving along a winding stretch of road and as I looked down into the valley to my left, I saw these old dwellings with an old tractor sitting in the field. I was tempted to stop and jump the fence to photograph it but thought the better of it …

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