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Hide & Seek

Found this little guy playing Hide And Seek on the streets of New Plymouth. I didn’t want to give away its position. So I took the photo and left.

Swamped In Wellington Floods

Major flooding here in Wellington the other day. I got caught out by it when checking on my daughters car before heading to work. She had it up for sale on this stretch of road and my wife had asked me to check on it before coming down to work. No problem! Yeah Right! Not my picture, but I’m …

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Time For A Snack At Art Deco Napier NZ

One thing I loved about going to the Art Deco event in Napier was the way all ages got dressed in character for the occasion, This young lad was part of a school party who had ventured down with parents and teachers for lunch. No title for this one as yet. Welcome any suggestions.


One of my favourite shots from the Art Deco event would have to be this one of the young boy on a stream tractor. He really looked the part with his hat, the overalls, and a face covered in soot. I loved his gaze as I took the shot. He has such a mature looking face don’t you think. “LITTLE …


Farewell Iroquois Welcome NH90s

The Air Force’s iconic Iroquois helicopters made one of its final appearances at the Wairarapa Air Show in Masterton. It’s hard to believe we won’t be hearing the oh so familiar sound of the Iroquois in our skies any more. If you were ever caught in a bad situation, that unmistakable Wok, Wok, Wok was the sound you most wanted to hear. …

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