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[scd_social_share] The newest addition to the Architectural Portraits collection is the Jaycee Building in Willis Street, Wellington. The Jaycee Building is on the WCC Heritage list and just this month it was added to another list. Not a list they will be happy to be on. A notice was served to its owners stating it is on the earthquake prone list under …


Nothing lasts forever – except forever.

I love photographing the old abandoned farmhouses and buildings that dot New Zealand’s landscapes. For me they ooze with mystery, personality, character and uniqueness. They are reminders of the hard times that were grafted by our ancestors. But unfortunately for these structures, they too are facing hard times as time and the elements are against them. They will someday disappear …

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Meet Catherine. Catherine was my model for the “Graveyard Shift” shots. The dress I hired for the shoot was a prefect fit for her, and I think you would have to agree, she looks stunning. Thank you Catherine for your energy and willingness to be apart of this assignment.             …

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