Pirates on the Murray River

Ahoy, ye matey’s Shiver me timbers, I’ve just had my first awesome experience with a bunch of snarly, some ragged, and some quite dapper pirates. The adventure started with all but two of the riff-raff leaving from Wellington Airport and then

Fairlight Station

This quaint little railway station is in Fairlight just 11.5 Km out of Kingston on the South Island of New Zealand. The Fairlight Railway Station is dwarfed by this grand and steep rocky backdrop.



Bayonet Peak

I took a drive from Queenstown to Kingston early one morning and on my way there I was blown away by the constantly changing lighting conditions on the landscapes. The sun breaking through the slow moving clouds on the mountain peaks was a real awaking to just how amazing this part of the country truly is. I could have sat in one spot the entire day and within every five to ten minutes it would have looked like a totally different place. So taken by it all, the trip to Kingston was a long one. Not because of the distance I had to travel, but solely because I was having to stop the car very few kms to grab another shot.

These two shots are of the same mountain range —Bayonet Peak I think? Just a few kms apart.

Morning Glory Landscape


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