Cruising Round Whitirea Coast Road

The weather this summer for flying has been abysmal, to say the least. We’ve had constant winds for months, and its been downright frustrating!  I’d been really keen to test out the new Mavic Pro in one of its many automated tracking modes. But the weather being what it is, that hasn’t been possible. Up until now, that is. On Friday, I finally got the opportunity to get out there and test the Mavic.

The Test

The Mavic lets you select a moving object, set the height and the distance away from the targeted object while avoiding other objects as it tracks and travels. In this test, my car was the target (video below).

I must say, this being the first time I’d tried this, it was nerve-racking. You have to put full trust in what the drone is doing as your concentration needs to be fully on the road ahead. That being said, I think the Mavic did a great job and I can’t wait to test it out further.

Video capture: 2.7 K

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