Fence Of Lost Soles

We added a new member to your family almost a year ago in June. That was Sky, an energetic and mischievous little boxer dog.

As we all known dogs need to be walked a lot and that duty seems to have become mine. There is one place Sky really loves to go too for her walks and that requires getting in the car and taking a ten minute drive. We have done it so often now that all I have to say is “want to go to the beach” and she bouncing around the place and heading for the car.

That place is Whitireia Park & Reserve in Titahi Bay. It is one of the few parks and reserves were you can walk your dog and they don’t have to be on a lead. For Sky its total freedom and she just loves it. The walk itself goes round the Porirua harbour inlet and it has stunning coastal and rural views that on any given day with changing light and weather conditions, is always captivating.

Over the mean years I have been visiting this reserve there has always been others who have visited and left leaving behind or discarding some form of clothing or footware. Myself included. On this day as Sky and I reached the fence that we have to climb over to venture farther, someone had gather up all the discarded or lost shoes and jandles and tied them to the fence with bits of old plastic twine that they had found along the shoreline, then added a piece of driftwood for a sign that read, “FENCE OF LOST SOLES”. It brought a smile to my dial and I just had to photograph it.

Sky taking in her favorite playground

You never know what you may find when your out and about, so it pays to take your camera with you whenever you can.