Friday Night In Town

Title: “Oriental Unwinding” — Usage and Licensing Rights

We’ve had some pretty crappy days over the passed week or two. Thank goodness Friday brought back the sunshine and a touch of warmth.

Being such a brilliant day, I thought it would be nice to go into town and take a few night shots. I parked on Oriental Parade. The sun had disappeared below the hills by the time I got there, but it still wasn’t dark enough for what I had in mind.

So having a bit of time to waste, I took a walk to find a few places that maybe good to shoot from. I didn’t have to go far. The Parade is just one big picture stop and shoot spot, no matter where you are on it. There’s always a fantastic view in front of you or something interesting happening on the sidewalk. It’s a place you could easily sit for hours watching the scenery change or the people and the activity. “It’s alive”.

This is one of the first shots I got. I titled it “Oriental Unwinding”. It was that time of night when people where arriving home from a hard week at work and I can just picture them sitting back, relaxing, having a glass of wine or beer and enjoying the view from their amazing apartments.

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