getting started with luminar ai

Gregory Young

Hello and Welcome!

The Tutorial videos here are to help you get started with Luminar AI, so, I’m assuming you have downloaded your copy of Luminar AI. 

Before you get started, let me just explain why I use LuminarAI as my primary photo editing program.

I’ve enjoyed image-making for nearly 50 years.

When I first got serious about my photography, it took me years to get to a stage where I felt happy about my image making. 

Once I was happy with my images, it was then onto the next challenge of learning how to put the final polish into the images with photo editing programs like On1, Luminar 4, Photoshop, Lightroom and Topaz. I still continue to use Photoshop and Topaz today for my composites.

But for pure photo editing. Lightroom had been my first choice. That changed when I took some images that I had processed in Lightroom and run them through Luminar AI. I was absolutely amazed at the improvements I gained with Luminar AI. From that point on, Luminar AI had it hands down over Lightroom. So it was a no-brainer to move to Luminar .

When it comes to photo editing, LuminarAI is all about the result and not the process and it puts Amateurs and Professionals on the same playing field.

So let’s get started and I know you’re going to enjoy the results

Video #1
video #2
video #3