Golden Time Capsules update

the verdict is in and all is revealed

I opened my email-box last night to found the guys at Wellington Photographic Supplies had processed the films and given me the dropbox link to download them.

As expected time had taken its toll on most of the images. These are the best of what came back. In most cases, you could expect to be disappointed with that result, but I’m not. In fact, I love them. I love the character of them and knowing that my father would have got great pleasure from capturing these moments.

In the worst-case scenario, if there were to be only one image to come back, I was hoping more than anything else, it would be one of my Grand-father Turner, my mother’s father, William Turner. I was absolutely over the moon to see the shot of him standing there on the driveway of our first home. The house my father designed and practically built himself.

As you can see they’re pretty faded and I’m unsure as too whether or not I should take them into Photoshop and add some contrast to them, as I’m really liking their character as is. I’ll have to sit on that thought for a while.

There’s even one there, that I think is pretty awesome, where he’s forgotten to wind the film on and has double-exposed the frame. I love it!

All of the other images that weren’t worthy of posting here still got me excited, even though they had no defined visual content. Those I can use as texture overlays on some of my works. 

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