Johnsonville Softball Club Celebrates 75 Years

On the weekend of the 25th & 26 of January I photographed Johnsonville Softball Clubs celebrations for their seventy fifth year of being an affiliated club and being in competition. It started with a memorial match between two of the club teams in memory of Rhys Pettit on Friday evening. Rhys was a club & team member and had passed away a couple of years ago.


Rhys’s son Josh

Like most games, they have there controversial moments. In this play the call was SAFE! Where’s the video replay when you need it?


On Friday night was the Meet & Greet.


Saturday Morning  (Tee Ballers)

Jvlle-7 Jvlle-8

Prem1 Woman, Saturday Afternoon


Jvlle-9 Jvlle-10 Jvlle-11 Jvlle-12 Jvlle-13 Jvlle-14It was a close game with Johnsonville coming away with a win.