Kapi Mana Motocross Club Bulls Run Road

My nephew’s son Kynan, and his cousin Shayden, are keen Motocross riders. They ride for the Kapi Mana Motocross Club and ride as often as they can. I mentioned to my Nephew, Nathan, that I was interested in watching them sometime and to let me know when they next go ride.

Last Wednesday afternoon I got the call to say they would be having a practice run off Bulls Run Road, out in Upper Hutt that evening.

My only concern whilst driving there was having never been there before, I didn’t know where they were riding exactly nor what to expect. I never knew there was a motocross track there and in my head I had visions of just the two boys riding round on a small piece of private farmland somewhere.

After driving for about 5 minutes on this very narrow road I came across the track and I was taken by surprise by the complexity of the whole thing. It wasn’t just one track, but two, one on either side of the road. The track that Kynan and Shayden were riding on was for the younger kids. The track on the opposite side was a lot hillier and for the older more experienced riders.


What a great setup. Mums and dads were there doing maintenance on bikes, cooking BBQ’s and supporting the kids. It all made for a very enjoyable evening.

Kynan and Shayden really opened out the throttles and push the limits of their bikes. Well done boys!