Limnonaki Paniyiri

Photos and Memories of Limnonaki Paniyiri

Limnonaki is a beautiful little fishing settlement that sits below the village community of Spatharei, on the Island of Samos, Greece.

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During the second world war this small port was commandeered by the Germans and Italians as a pickup point after pillaging food and various other supplies off of the local village people. After the war ownership of the land was given to the Yiannoulis and Yiamos families. There they set up a fishing port to supply fish to the local villages. Today the Yiamos’s have moved on but the Yiannolis’s have continued to renovate and build on the land. The only fishing done nowadays is for recreational purposes only. Limnonaki is now used solely as the family holiday retreat.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to stay with the Yiannolis family in Limnonaki where I got to know their way of life and experience a very special family tradition called Paniyiri. The Paniyiri is a yearly celebration put on by the Yiannoulis’s. It’s an event that celebrates the blessing of the family Church that sits on the hill on the approach to Limnonaki.

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The event welcomes down the community of Spatharei town folk and other extended family members living on Samos Island. It’s a big undertaking by the family with preparation of the food taking a full day and night to get ready.

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The number of people that could venture down from Spatharei is never a certainty, so It seemed as if they were catering for entire town.

We had a great time. The experience is one I will never forget. Many Thanks to the Yiannolis family and all who made us so welcome.


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