Limnonaki sunset

This image is from our 2011 trip back to Samos Island. We stayed in a small settlement called Limnonaki which is on the Samos coastline below Spatharei. We got some beautiful sunsets whilst there, but this one was very different from the many others. It wasn’t until I posted the image on the  Samos Island facebook page that I got to realize how extraordinary this sunset was to be.

This comment was posted from Manolis Shamanos:     “I bet this photo is from 2010! These colors and shadows are created by the reflection of sunlight on the particles of ash from the volcano Eyjafjallajökull which erupted some months before summer. The best sunsets i have ever seen”!

How cool is that. I remember how this volcano caused flights to be cancelled or diverted for weeks all over the world because of the ash in the air. This could be a once in a lifetime encounter.

Copyright © Gregory Young 2011
Copyright © Gregory Young 2011


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