Martinboroughs Hidden Jewel In The Crown

A Slice of New Zealand – Patuna Chasm

Martinborough is a popular little town just one and a half hours drive north of Wellington. It’s better known for its production of Fine Wines and Summer Craft Markets.

Recently I was told of a spot I should visit the next time I visited Martinborough, should I get the chance. It sounded so awesome we (a few of the family) decided to arrange a trip there on our next free Sunday. That was the Sunday just gone.

This place is truly the Hidden Jewel in Martinborough’s Crown. I’ve been to Martinborough so many times over the years and can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before now.

This place is, Patuna Chasm.

I took the Osmo and the Mavic in with me to document our visit.

A place I will be revisiting for sure.

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