Max’s Old House

Once or twice a week I travel from Tawa to the suburb of Johnsonville, via the main highway. On the odd occasion, I have taken the old route via Middleton Road and about one third of the way into the drive there’s this old house that has always fascinated me. It’s very run down, but has heaps of character. The house is set back from the road and nestled into the hillside separated by a stream and the main trunk railway line. Every now and then whilst passing, I would see the old man who lived there sitting, sunning himself on the veranda, and thought, I would love to photograph this old man and his home.?

Some time ago I was talking with friends and they told me about how they had just found out that they were related to the old man through ones brother, Gary, who is also a friend of mine and that the old mans name was Max. As it was, Gary was related to Max through his previous marriage and Max was in need of care. So Gary took it on himself to visit Max’s regularly to check on him and do things for him.

About a year later I passed the old house again and once more got the desire to photograph it. Knowing Gary, I saw this as a great opportunity to approach Max and ask him if he wouldn’t mind me coming over and photographing him and the house. Gary new Max pretty well by then, so I asked if he would take me there. He thought it would be best if he asked on my behalf as Max was not to assured on certain things. Unfortunately Max was not keen.

Max hadn’t live in the house for a number of years as his health had deteriorated and he was in need of twenty four hour care. Sadly in February this year Max past away.

Gary took me to the old house to photograph it and even though Max didn’t want to be photographed, you get a sense of him still being there.

This photo series can be viewed in My Gallery Page.