Medieval Times

Over the last four or five years there has been a group of medieval and jousting enthusiasts who have got together to put on a display of medieval costume, warfare and jousting competitions. I believe it has become so popular that now they travel the country. I had seen it advertised over the years and have always been keen to get alone to one, but as it was, I have always had some other commitment on those dates. This year was different. My calendar was free that particular weekend and I had nothing better to do, so I penciled it in.

Long before the event day I had decided I would shoot for candid photos, but on the day it became very clear that getting the shots I had envisioned was not going to be an easy task. There were people everywhere taking in the atmosphere and clicking away on cameras. Not including them in the photos was a constant challenge.

I did get a few shots that were to the style I pre-envisioned though. You can view them in My Gallery Page.

I must say, I went along not really knowing what to expect and apart from the many spectators like myself, it really felt like you were back in that medieval time zone.

It was fantastic!