Over the last five or so years I have been shooting a lot more of old abandoned cars and farm houses. It has become quite an obsession for me and I can’t fully explain why. I have asked myself many times now, apart from the character, texture and their unknown history, which I would just love to know more about, what is it that draws me into them and why do I fell I have some kind of connection, when I don’t? Or so I thought. It’s all been a bit weird and I haven’t been able to pinpoint what it was.

That was until I sat down and started processing these two images both taken in the South Island, New Zealand that It suddenly dawned on me. This fascination was in fact linked to my very own childhood memories.

Forsaken BW-9
Click on image for full size view © Gregory Young

This truck with long grass and weeds growing through it, brought back distant, happy childhood memories that I hadn’t thought about since my primary school days. The truck reminded me of when we would play around an old abandoned truck in the hills not far from where I lived at the age of nine or ten. That truck was in a very similar state but filled with bullet holes. I remember thinking, could these bullet holes have been from a battle during the II World War? I now know that wasn’t the case. They were actually from rabbit hunters. But back then it was all about letting the imagination run wild and fantasizing whilst playing war games around it with all your mates.

Forsaken BW-4
Click on image for full size view © Gregory Young

Then with this image I was reminded of the many stories my mother would tell me about her life as a child growing up with her two sisters on farms around the upper half of the North Island. She would tell of how they would play together around the old farmhouses they stayed in. They would make the most of whatever they could to entertain themselves. This image especially with the rope hanging from the tree for a swing (hard to see I know but it is there) reminded me so much of that. I can just imagine them laughing while having turns pushing and twirling each other around on the swing in a farm yard not to dissimilar to this one.

Happy days! Happy memories!

P.s  Part of the “Forsaken” collection—Gallery Coming Soon.


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