Nothing lasts forever – except forever.

I love photographing the old abandoned farmhouses and buildings that dot New Zealand’s landscapes. For me they ooze with mystery, personality, character and uniqueness. They are reminders of the hard times that were grafted by our ancestors.

But unfortunately for these structures, they too are facing hard times as time and the elements are against them. They will someday disappear from our landscapes and be gone forever.

My fascination in photographing these old buildings started when I was on my first trip to Europe after visiting the many castles of France, Italy and the ancient ruins of Greece. I walked through these places reminded of the movies I had seen from that period in time. I literally could feel the history and sense the ghostly aura of the spirits whom perished within their walls. It felt as If the walls were speaking to me, but that was just my imagination and curiosity running wild. I knew some of the places had all their history documented, but even though I wanted to know all their stories, at the same time I didn’t. I was happy enough just staying curious leaving it up to my own imagination.

Although New Zealand doesn’t have a long history, I still get that same feeling when stumbling upon these old structures and their sense of place with their surrounding landscapes.

If you can suggest places you have seen like this, please let me know on my facebook page link below. I would love to know about it.

This is the newest addition to my collection. “Forsaken” Nothing lasts forever – except forever.

fading with time
“Fading” Copyright © Gregory Young 2013

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