Otaki New Zealand

Fading Ancestor of Otaki 4

I took a trip up to Otaki this week looking for something that would control the withdrawal symptoms I was having for my fix for fading structures on our NZ landscapes. It had been so long, I was getting the shakes.

When I go out looking for these structures, I generally don’t have a place logged in on the map to head too. I do it aimlessly mostly and this was the case for this find. I kind of like it that way because it adds to the excitement of the find.

Anyway I was driving along a back road and could see this place in the distance, so I keep driving towards it. I eventually had to go through farm gates (they were open) and I started to think, dam I’m going to come across a private keep out sign soon. Thankfully, that wasn’t to happen and the road lead to a Marae. That’s the small white building on right of frame. When I got to the Marae there was a lovely Maori lady there by the name of Pauline. As this was obviously Maori land, I thought I better ask permission before going any further. It turned out this place was Pauline’s whakapapa’s first home. She granted me permission but warned me at the same time that one of the Marae Elders was down there somewhere collecting wood and he might not be so obliging. A bit like the bull at the bottom of the paddock story. Well that didn’t happen and this is one of the many shots I took. 


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