Photo Competition

Recently our local newspaper, the Kapi Mana News had written an article for the annual photographic competition that is run by the Guardians of Pauatahanui Inlet. It’s an open competition for all keen photographers. There were four categories: human impact, recreation, scenic impressions and nature. The images had to be taken of and within the Pauatahanui inlet, and taken anytime over the last twelve months.

After reading the article I thought why not have a go. The only thing was, even though I had photographed various parts of the inlet in the past, I didn’t have any shots that meet the conditions of the competition, that being within the last year. But being keen I decided to set a half day aside to see what I could find.

I always treat photo competitions as more of a challenge than a competition. I like to test myself and open my mind to the things that are happening around me. Trying to capture those moments as they develop before me. I was pretty happy with what I had shot that day, so I sent in my entries and waited to see if anything would come from them.

Well just the other day I received a call from one of the competition organizers to inform me that I was placed 2nd and third in the recreation section. I’m pretty chuffed with that. These are the placed entries:

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[box] Second Place: Buggy Buddies          Third Place: Afternoon Walk[/box]