Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

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They say; “A PHOTO IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS.” But the value of a family heritage photo is worth far more.

As we all know, photographs get weathered, cracked, creased, faded, ripped and generally speaking, fairly tied in appearance after years of handling. The poor state of these photographs are actually a true testament to just how valuable they are to us. We love to hold them and share their stories. I can recall many happy times as a child sitting in the middle of the floor with family members and friends poring over hundreds of photos as they were spread out over the floor. There was intent listening and a lot of laughter as the stories behind some of the photos were told. It’s those times I still love to reminisce over and value today. Unfortunately, not a lot of thought was given to the preservation of those images way back then and the negatives have long disappeared. Today those images hold far more value than ever before as they are the last visual storytellers of our families heritage and childhood memories. I’m thinking you’ve probably got similar memories and a valued photograph in your possession that’s in need of some tender loving care. 

Here are some examples of previous works. If I can help you, I’m more than happy to do so. You can reach me here. Please add the photo attachment in your email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Restoration examples





Sonya fixed

House with Horse

House with Horse fixed


Santa fixed

Sister Org1



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