Pirates on the Murray River

Ahoy, ye matey’s

Shiver me timbers, I’ve just had my first awesome experience with a bunch of snarly, some ragged, and some quite dapper pirates.

The adventure started with all but two of the riff-raff leaving from Wellington Airport and then meeting up with the two ex-pat Kiwi riff-raff ( Kim & Al ) at Melbourne Airport.  From there, we connected with an outgoing flight to Mildura, a quiet little Aussie town with a population of about 55,000, and approximately 45 minutes flight time from Melbourne.

In Mildura, we had pre-booked a houseboat from Mildura All Seasons for 5 days.  The boat we got was perfect for a group of our size.  The boat had a large open living room with dining and kitchen area. Five double bedrooms, each with its own ensuite.

On the top deck, it had a second Helm, 2 BBQ’s, a Spa pool, Bar, Deck chairs, and Table. The table had overhead heaters for those cooler nights. For this time of the year, those heaters came in very handy for evening drinks and cards. Not that we spent too many nights having drinks up there. “Yeah Right”!

Some of the pirates change from being pirates to robbers at the Texas Hold’em table.

Those that leave the card table prematurely. Well, they had to suffer a terrible fate in the spa pool.

We clocked up 90kms over the 5 days, traveling 45kms up river and 45kms back again. Each of us had our turn at the helm. But David, ex-navy man was to be fair, the main El Captain. He was a master at docking along the river banks.

Once we had docked for the night, the music went up and we’d kick back and watch the sunset with a few quiet ones.  What happens after that. Well, lets just say the quiet ones get a bit louder. OK, A LOT LOUDER!

We made a few stops along the way at points of interest. One was to taste some of the regions finest wines at the Trentham winery.

Another was to re-stock from a pub across the river nearing the end of the trip.

And since we were there, we might as well stay the night and have a round of golf the next day.

Each day as we docked after cruising the river, it brought a new outlook on our evenings and mornings. Here are a few of the scenes I had the pleasure of witnessing.

The wildlife was another great feature to the trip, both on and off the water.

On Pirates Night, one pirate. That would be the one, one-third from the right, who loves a raging bonfire, commanded a campfire be lit.

So we gather up the wood and sparked it up, then sat around sharing stories while warming the cockles of our hearts with a Yo-ho-ho  over a bottle of rum or two (not really. More beer and wine to be exact)

And here we are. The motley crew.

Is the Murray River worth putting on your bucket list? Absolutely! I would highly recommend it.

We had an absolute blast. However a word of warning. If you do this as a large group as we did. Pick your company carefully. Make sure you all get on well together because I have heard a couple of stories were friction between friends took the shine off the experience. The last thing you want is a mutiny. Aw-Arrr  Me Harty’s

If you have any questions.  Just leave us a comment below and I’m happy to answer them.

Here’s a video I did of the trip

Till next time. Have Fun & Love Life!

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