Powerboat Racing On Porirua Harbour

Last weekend I was out on Porirua Harbour photographing a powerboat racing event. I was onboard the starter boat with the driver and flag starter and I must say it was extremely exciting to be as close as we were to the action. In fact we became part of the action when prior to the start of one of the races, one of the boats smashed straight in to the side of our boat. The impact was that hard, I was sure we were going to the bottom of the harbour. Had it not been for me yelling a very loud explicit, “F**K”! just before impacted, alerting the drive Bruce Robb, who reacted extremely fast to avoid the collision, we would most definitely have gone to the bottom.

The day was full of high speed action with drivers coming as far away as Auckland and Southland. Auckland driver, Steve Hughes in his powerboat, Stealth, was the only racing mishap when he barrel rolled on the northern end of the coarse whilst leading the race at the time with just one lap to go. Fortunately he came out of it with no injuries, apart from his pride been hurt that is.