Restoring Memories

One thing I have been doing a lot of lately is going through old family photos and restoring them and preserving them.

I remember as a child the old Cadbury chocolate boxes coming out on big family occasions then filled with photographs. These weren’t your normal two tiered chocolate boxes, these were the big as ten layered boxes. They were overflowing with old and some more resent photos of the time.

Whenever a reason arose to bring them out, we would tip them out into the middle of the floor, or on the dinning room table, depending on where we were at the time the conversation started and paw all over them, passing them from one person to the next, laughing at some, reminiscing over some and passing on family connections with others. They were great times. You may have similar memories?

With the advent of digital cameras, I don’t know if people do that much these days? I know we don’t.

As I’d been going through these tatty old photo boxes, some of which are falling apart, I have come across stacks of images that are in no better condition then the boxes themselves. It’s a shame because the negatives that produced the photos have long been lost and I can’t just simply reproduce them using the negative. We never thought to much about preservation back then and although we cherished them, we never gave it a second thought as to the value they may hold in the future for future generations.

Fortunately there is a way to restore those damaged images and in most cases back to their former glory. Here are some before and after examples of the images I have worked on.












































If you have boxes of old treasured photographs and you want to protected them for future generations, I would highly recommend you have them scanned and burnt to disc. It’s a good idea to make two copies and have them stored in two different locations. Give one copy to other family member for safe keeping. I’ve seen it on the news so many times before when fire has destroyed the family home and the home owner been interviewed saying the thing that devastates them the most is all of their photographs that hold treasured memories have been destroyed.

If you have precious photographs in need of restoration or perhaps needing to be put to disc, send me an email from the contact page. We can then chat about your restoration needs and I’d be happy to give a quote.