Roadside Shed

Title: “Roadside Shed” — Usage and Licensing Rights


On my way back home from Whitemans Valley I was driving along a winding stretch of road and as I looked down into the valley to my left, I saw these old dwellings with an old tractor sitting in the field. I was tempted to stop and jump the fence to photograph it but thought the better of it because it meant entering private property and I didn’t want to upset the owners or get prosecuted for trespass, so drove on thinking Bugger.

As I rounded the very next bend I came across this old woolshed which was part of, but apart from the same settlement. It grabbed my attention straight away with how close it was to the road side.

I liked how the old shed was nestled into the hillside stating its claim on the land, almost staunch like. And road in expectance to the woolsheds position has had to make its way around it.

When I look at it now, I can’t help but wander how many people have come round that bend and been surprised to see it there so close to roadside.