Sigma 2014 Amateur Photographer Of The Year Awards

I had some great news last week from D-Photo Magazine Editor, Adrian Hatwell. He sent me a email to say I had been successful in a placing in one of the categories for the Sigma 2014 Amateur Photographer Of The Year Awards. The email didn’t say which category, only that I was to keep it under my hat until the Magazine was released.


The Competition was D-photo’s biggest ever with a total of 5783 entries over seven categories. They were Action, Creative, Landscape, Monochrome, Nature, People and Travel. I can now tell you I was given 2nd place in the creative section.

The image was taken last Christmas at Cathedral Cove. We had visited Cathedral Cove the year before and after returning home that year I was disappointed I didn’t have the gear I needed for the shot I envisioned. So this year on a return trip to Cathedral Cove I pack everything I would need to get the shot.

Here is that shot. Titled: “Neptune’s Throne” Neptune's Throne


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