Starry Starry Night

Well winter is officially here. But to be fare, you wouldn’t think so with this amazing spell of weather we’ve been having lately. Over this past week we have had some spectacularly clear nights with the stars shinning bright. I said to myself, “I should be taking advantage of this, because it surely won’t last”. So on Wednesday I decided to take a drive over to the Wiararapa to shoot some night shots. In particular I wanted landscape shots that captured the stars as a backdrop.

The plan was to go to New Zealand’s very own Stonehenge. I’d heard a lot about this place but never been there. Unfortunately when I got there it closed. I did get to see it but only from a distance.

Time for Plan B. That being Castle Point. I got some shots there and I will post them later.

After Castle Point on the way home I decided to visit one of my favourite places in Greytown. I have always photographed this old house during the daytime. Here was my perfect opportunity to shoot it other than the norm.

Here is the night take on it. I’m looking for ideas on a Title for this image. If you have a title name please put it in the Leave Reply and Comments


Starry Blanket

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