Swamped In Wellington Floods

Major flooding here in Wellington the other day. I got caught out by it when checking on my daughters car before heading to work. She had it up for sale on this stretch of road and my wife had asked me to check on it before coming down to work. No problem!

Yeah Right!

Not my picture, but I’m in it.


That’s me in the front car. This was one months average rain fall in one hour. It was one hell of a day with the car stalling right in the middle of this river of water. I had to push it to where it sits in the picture, which was slightly higher ground to were it originally stopped. To add to the frustration of the day, my phone wouldn’t work either, so I couldn’t call work to let then know of my situation nor them contact me to let me know of theirs.

Fortunately I did eventually get the car towed out of there but unfortunately couldn’t get it started. The phone was still a problem. So I went a police car now blocking the road and asked the cop if he could contacted work for me. He placed the call and that’s when I found out Sonya had flooding happening there too and to get there as soon as I can. When I did finally get the car running again and got to work, I found a team of people helping out there. So a big THANK YOU to all that help.

Here’s a photo I took of the car behind me from ground level. The lady in this car had two young children and they were understandably upset and crying. Just out of frame left is a Mc Donald’s Restaurant. Once the children got in there, I’m sure they would have calmed down.


Oh, and my daughters car? It was high and dry.

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