The Good News About Drones

Drones have had a lot of bad press in the media over recent years. A lot of that has come about because these machines are now able to carry cameras and this has created concerns around privacy issues. As a Drone Operator and Photographer I fully understand peoples concerns in regards to respecting peoples privacy. Especially when it comes to flying over private property to photograph or gather video footage. Permission should always be sort and given before any flight operation. However when it comes to flying in public domains, that’s virtually the only place a drone operator can practice both their flying and inflight camera skills. And if their machine is in the air it doesn’t actually mean the camera is recording anything. But for some people that isn’t good enough as you’ll see in this video

What the hell!!! That’s breaching on insanity and paranoia. Does that woman really think she is that interesting that he’s interested in filming her?

Here’s the thing that gets me about all this negativity around cameras on drones. People can be fixated on just one very small negative aspect and fail to see what this new technology really offers to the sane world. The guy in the video above could one day be putting his drone operating skills to very good use and one day be saving that very same woman’s life. Just like in this video presented by DJI.

There are many more great things happening with these machines and I hope this helps change one or two minds out there.


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