Turning Back The Clock With Art Deco

During the week and weekend of the 18th to the 22nd of February 2015 I decided to go back in time.

I jumped into my Tardis and dialled in the following coordinates.
Time Zone: 1920s and 30s.
Destination: Napier
Accommodation: A small two man pup tent pitched in Kennedy Holiday Park.
Company: Me, Myself and I
Reason: Napier’s Art Deco Festival.

Napier’s Art Deco festival first started in 1989 and over the years it has become one Napier’s flagship events with tens of thousands of people heading there each year.

Copyright Gregory Young
Copyright Gregory Young

Each year I have been meaning to go but never got round to it. I’d either forgotten to enter it into my calendar or I had other things on at the time. So this was to be a first time experience for me.

It started off with me literally chasing trains on my way up there. I had stopped on the Manawatu Gorge for a rest and a drink when I was lucky enough to catch this steam train making its way up to the Hawkes Bay. I took this shot and from that point on, it was me jumping in and out of the car racing ahead to get the next shot, then the next and the next and so on.

Train Spotting Art Deco Napier 2015-4

Train Spotting Art Deco Napier 2015-2 Train Spotting Art Deco Napier 2015-3

The following photo was taken in Napier on the Saturday.

Train Spotting Art Deco Napier 2015-1

The whole event was fantastic. I hope to make it again next year.

More photos of the 2015 Art Deco festival coming in future post, so stay tuned.

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