Wellington is Buzzing

On the weekend just gone we had eleven ships from the Royal New Zealand Navy moored in Wellington Harbour. That’s the entire NZ Navy, and at the some time Westpac Stadium had France playing Tonga in a World Cup Rugby match.

I decided to grab my camera and take a look around just to see what I might find. What I found was Wellington was absolutely buzzing. There were people everywhere and you could feel the energy, it was truly a carnival atmosphere, absolutely amazing.

As I walked along the waterfront taking it all in, listening to all the chatter about me, I thought to myself, if it weren’t for the familiar surroundings, I could just close my eyes and be mistaken for being in a foreign country, everyone was either specking French or Tongan.

At one point I came across a section of the waterfront where on the sidewalk they had cemented photographs into the asphalt. They were incredible rugby shots from the past spanning the entire length of the sidewalk. I took the featured shot which I’m pretty happy with of Vaia’inga Tuigamala in the 1993 game, New Zealand v Australia at Dunedin. As I was just leaving this spot I saw these two female sailors walking towards him, so I quickly repositioned myself and took the shot. What I particularly like about this shot, Vaia’inga’s facial expression has also created a facial reaction from the female sailor closest to him. I have Titled this shot, “OMG”.

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